Redesigning website means getting more than a new look


Appreciate your Site, Give it a Makeover

At a certain point, your site’s look gets exhausted and has an air of fatigue to it. It’s time to give it a makeover. That’s where we come in. Note that this is not limited to just how the website looks but more importantly its functionality.

Are you getting traffic on your website? Does bounce rate is increasing on your site? Does your website contain the elements that your target audience is seeking? Do your website visitors find it easy to navigate over site? And are they reaching the desired information on the site Is your website failing to convert visitors into customers or subscribers?

If not, then it might be time for a Website redesign.

Before you come to a decision to redesign your website, you need to consider some of the following factors about your current website which may help in further customizing it.

What You Would Like to Achieve With the Redesign

Different people will have varied reasons on why they need to redesign their websites.

1. To gain more traffic- this is the most common and most obvious reason to redesign websites. You may find that your website is performing below expectations in terms of visits from the target market. This is when you analyze where the root of the problem might be and fix it.

2. To give a new look to it- The website may be doing well in terms of traffic and may also be fulfilling the intended task, but has been in existence for a while. If people get too accustomed to the look and functionality of a website, they will deem it as stuck in a rut. It would therefore be prudent to give it a new touch.. Call it a makeover.

3. To make it responsive- Research shows that over 18% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. Therefore if your website is not mobile friendly, you see what you are losing. When a website is responsive, it means that it has different versions of itself customized for gadgets of different screen sizes. Hence mobile users will find it easy to use.

4. To incorporate social media- Your website was probably created a few presidents ago when media was never social. To keep up with the current trend, you have to incorporate social media platforms in your website or stand to lose a lot.

5. To have it up to date- With rapid evolution of cyber technology, you definitely have to be on your toes to keep up. New versions are released on a regular basis and what might have been the latest a year ago is now outdated.

6. To improve functionality- You may want to incorporate some functions which were not in the initial plan such as blogs and e-commerce.

7. To rebrand- You may want to redesign your website because you have rebranded. If your organization rebrands, it will most likely have different theme colors or a different name. All this should be reflected by your website.

When you pick your reason(s) above, you will be ready to plan how to redesign your website according to the custom end expectation.